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Control the variables that will make you more competitive in the online world

Have a complete view of the market in which you develop your activity


Price is a determining factor, however not the only one. The challenge is to become competitive in the variables that end up in a purchase.


To trust the tools you use is key. Our commitment is to deliver updated, high quality data.


We work closely with our customers, listening them and developing our work based on their needs.


Competing in the eCommerce industry is becoming a very complex activity. Get a focused and precise look of the relevant actors, their main categories and products.

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Competing in eCommerce is not just a matter of price

  • Monitor, compare and stay informed of the prices of your products versus your competition.
  • Watch your competitor’s catalog and detect opportunities for improvement.
  • Be aware about new products in the market and of those that went out of stock.
  • Know the timing and shipping cost of your competitors.

  • Monitor and compare the price of your products versus those of your competitors, retailers, marketplaces and/or sellers.
  • Be notified of products with no stock or new releases from your competitors.
  • Look at the products mix from your competitors by category, brand and/or price range.

  • In a highly fragmented market where brands take force, control the way your products are being sold.
  • Look at the relevant actors, retailers, marketplaces and sellers to understand the way they behave and thus, become more competitive.
  • Analyze the branding share by product, category and price ranges for each sales channel.

  • The increase in the number of channels makes the market observation more difficult. Have control of your products’ prices for each sales channel.
  • Be notified at all times of the price changes of your products.

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To be a strategic partner of our customers, provide them with updated, high quality data so they can make decisions that will allow them to grow their business day after day.

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